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  1. Blog about vaccination from our global security company

    Vaccines: Anti-Vaxxer Movement

    Abstract Paper Vaccines: Is the Anti-Vaxxer Movement About Civil Liberties or a Death Sentence? World Health Organization declared the anti-vaxxer movement a major threat to public health. The United States continues to be the country with the greatest population supporting the anti-vaxxer movement.…Read More

  2. Blog about global risks in 2019 and 2020 from our global security company

    Global Risks to 2019 – 2020

    Abstract Paper What Global Risks Will Be Faced in 2019 - 2020? Each year you will see lists of global risks from numerous security companies with no insight or analysis as to how they came up with these. Many just pick buzzwords from the news and issues that they can profit on. To truly create an ac…Read More

  3. Blog about security breaches in the health industry from our global security company

    Health Industry Security Downfall

    Abstract Paper Health Industry Security Downfall: Safeguarding Your Life But Not Your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) In a world where cyber-attacks are becoming the norm and companies are afraid to report them over fears of loss of reputation and customer dissatisfaction, many healthcare …Read More

  4. Blog about socialism from our global security company

    Perspective: Socialism is Not the Answer

    Abstract Paper We are currently facing a though decision in America, which requires a choice between the radical Democrats and Republicans in what is being called the fight over the "Democratic Socialism" vs. a "Free Society". Paper Published by Homeland Security Today ​To read the published artic…Read More

  5. Blog about natural disasters from our global security company

    Natural Disasters – Preparedness

    Executive Summary Technology continues to improve allowing meteorologists and geologists a greater understanding of natural disasters. These improvements allow them to better forecast when and where disasters can occur. Although these improvements have helped, indecisiveness and/or lack of true unde…Read More

  6. Blog about self-defense from our global security company

    Edged Weapon Terrorism

    Executive Summary Contrary to popular opinion and misleading information, the purchase of firearms or explosives are not the weapons of choice by terrorists or sympathizers/radicalized individuals. Unlike firearms, which hold a finite number of rounds and have the potential to misfire, or explosives…Read More