Global Intelligence Products/Services include:

​Whether it is assisting with mitigation strategies to known threats, preparing for future risks, responding to actual threats, or recovery from an event, Front Sight can provide you with situational awareness and expert recommendations. Through collaboration, we address your specific concerns and provide you comprehensive products/services to address the life-cycle of occurrence. Front Sight’s 24/7 Global Security Operation Center service monitors threats globally and provides not only direct response to your needs, but also, trends and forecasts of future threats.


  • Protective Intelligence
  • Situational Awareness Monitoring
  • Situational Awareness Alerts
  • Geofence of Your Locations
  • On-site Threat/Vulnerability Assessments
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Special Events Monitoring


  • Travel Security Reports
  • Intelligence Bulletins
  • Special Event Assessments
  • Spot Reports

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