Intelligence Awareness

Many people will tell you that the most precious commodity is information; however, there is an overwhelming amount of information provided on TV or through social media with political biases and/or motivations – The truth is that the most precious commodity is intelligence-based disseminated information, focused on facts and trends, without ulterior motives. This information is useful in the preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery phases; however, this can only be successful if transmitted to a broader audience and not kept within an organization. For this to be useful, the analysis must contain the who, what, when, why, how and recommendations.

At Front Sight Protection, not only do we provide analysis and reports based on risks or specific threats to a client, but also produce and disseminate reports that cover risks to the greater community. We produce these Intelligence Bulletins in an attempt to provide situational awareness to the greater community of issues that they may not have thought of or addressed. Our main difference compared to other security businesses is that our reports are written and analysis is done by actual former national intelligence officers with over 20 years of experience in the Intelligence and Law Enforcement Communities.​

Current Front Sight Protection Publications


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