When you need protection, you never want to go with second best or second rate. Your life and your health are the most precious commodities you can possess, and in order to live a fulfilling life, you need to know that you and the ones you care about will be taken care of in the event of an emergency. Here at Front Sight Protection, we offer some of the best protection services in the world. With highly trained professionals that have years of experience in the military, police, FBI, DEA, and private investigation fields, you’ll know you’re in safe hands when you partner with Front Sight Protection. In today’s blog, we’ll be going over some of the executive security services we can provide for you.

Personal Security Services

Keeping you safe is our first priority here at Front Sight Protection. Not only do we do our due diligence to locate any threats that may occur before they happen, but our highly trained professionals are equipped to handle just about any and every situation that may present itself. Unlike other personal security companies, Front Sight Protection isn’t limited by borders as we operate in numerous countries all around the world. When you need personal security solutions here in the United States, or if you plan on travelling and want to make sure you, your family, or your employees stay safe, then Front Sight is the perfect partner for you. Our personal security services include:

  • Asset protection
  • Transport security
  • Event security
  • K9 detection security
  • Residential and facility security
  • Armed/unarmed security

Private Investigation Services

If you ever find yourself in legal trouble, then Front Sight Protection can help you find the evidence that turns the trial in your favor. With years of experience in private investigation, the FBI, and police departments around the world, our executive security company can offer you some of the best private investigative services around. Here at Front Sight Protection, we’ll do everything we can in order to help you with your case. And because we operate all around the world, we can evidence that helps you just about anywhere. Our private investigation services include:

  • Corporate investigations
  • Technical surveillance
  • Anonymous letter investigation
  • Social media investigation
  • Brand protection
  • Intellectual property protection

Cyber Security Services

With the world beginning to switch important information from physical assets to digital means, personalized cyber security is becoming more and more important for individuals and companies alike. Stopping digital thieves from gaining access to your private information as well as the private information of those who use your company is integral. With Front Sight Protection, you can help keep personal information in the right hands. We have the experience and equipment to help keep individuals and companies safe from things like digital thieves and data leaks. Our cyber security services include:

  • Technology assessments (computers, servers, routers, etc.)
  • Ongoing online threat monitoring
  • Suspicious activity alerts
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Data breach monitoring
  • Key logger outputs

Medical Assistance Services

You never know when a medical emergency is going to occur. That’s why it’s important to have trained medical professionals on hand, especially if you plan on travelling somewhere you expect to come across hostile behavior. While you may not be able to keep a team of doctors and surgeons on hand at all times, you can have trained medical professionals who also offer executive security services. Front Sight Protection can help keep you safe while also offering world-class medical assistance in the event of an emergency. Our medical assistance services include:

  • Personal prescription medical kit
  • On-call medical support
  • Access to board certified medical physicians for operation
  • Medical referrals
  • Emergency medical evaluations

Other services we can offer:

  • Disaster assistance services
  • Security training services
  • Intelligence services
  • Travel security reports
  • Situational awareness alerts
  • And more!

If you’re looking for the best personal security services, then Front Sight Protection has everything you need to stay safe. Our trained professionals are ready to help you in every way we can. When you need protection of any kind, then be sure to partner with Front Sight Protection. Learn more about our executive protection services, get to know our security company, or contact Front Sight Protection to get started on your services today.